PARDHAN KAUR (1718-1792), Patiala princess, better known as Bibi Pardhan, was the daughter of Baba Ala Singh, founder of the family. She was born in 1718 at Bhadaur, in present day Sarigrur district of the Punjab. She was married to Mohar Singh Randhava, of the village of Ramdas in Amritsar district.Her only son, Rup Singh, died young, and her husband also met with a premature end.

These tragedies led BIbi Pardhan, to retire to her parental home at Barnala where she spent her time in prayer and meditation. The motto in her personal seal read “ndm jape sei pardhdn”he alone who spends his time repeating God`s Name is the ranked one. Baba Ala Singh gave her a jdgir and appointed Bhai Nikka Singh, a disciple of Baba Larigar Singh, who started the Maghi fair at Muktsar in memory of the Forty Martyrs, to teach her Punjabi and Sanskrit. For the residence of Bhai Nikka Singh, Bibi Pardhan had a dharamsald built at Barnala which is now famous as Dera Baba Gandha Singh.

She had four more dharamsalas built, one each at Malerkotla,Jagraori, Raikot and Patiala. She is said to have written a commentary of Yoga Vasistha, a Sanskrit work, into Bhakha, i.e. earlier Hindi. She also started a school for religious instruction and a free langar. Pardhan Kaur died at Sekha in 1792 where a samddh honours her memory.

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