JAND SAHIB. GURDWARA, 3 km northwest of Gumti Kalari, a village in Bathinda district of the Punjab, marks the site where Bhai Rupa (1614-1709) served Guru Hargobind with cold water out of a leather bag hung from a jand tree {Prosopis spicigera) and received the Guru`s blessings. Tuklani village, where according to Sikh chronicles Bhai Rupa then lived, no longer exists. The Jand Sahib Gurdwara stands 8 km due west of Bhai Rupa, the village founded later by the Bhai.

The main shrine, an old domed building was constructed by Maharaja Hira Singh (1843-1911), ruler of Nabha state. The Gurdwara is endowed with agricultural land and is managed by a Niharig priest. Special congregations take place on the Ist of Baisakh (mid April), 1st of Har (MidJune) and on Lohri coming off on the last day of Poh (mid January), which arc marked as religious festivals.

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