DIPALPUR (30° 40`N, 73° 32`E), tahsil (subdivision) town of Montgomery (or Sahiwal) district of Pakistan, was, according to Miharban Janam Sakhi, visited by Guru Nanak (1469-1539) on his way back from Pakpattan to Talvandi. According to local tradition, the Guru sat under a dead pipal tree on the southeastern outskirts of the town. The tree foliated. Guru Nanak is also said to have cured a leper named Nuri or Nauranga.

The pipal tree and the grave of Naurariga still existed near the Gurdwara Pahili Patshahi, Dipalpur, in 1947 when the shrine was abandoned following the partition of the Punjab. In Dipalpur were also preserved a cot and a wooden chest believed to have been mementos bestowed upon one Natthu Ram the first one by Guru Har Rai and the second by Guru Gobind Singh. They were the proud possessions of his family which lived in Dipalpur until 1947.

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