MAKORAR, village on the left bank of the River Ghaggar, 7 km southeast of Munak (29°49\’N, 75°53\’E,), in the Sangrur district of the Punjab, is sacred to Guru Tegh Bahadur, who stayed here once on his way to Dhamtan. According to the Sakhi Pothi, residents of Gaga, who had been rude to some of the Sikhs in the Guru\’s entourage in their village, but who, repentant of their misdemeanour, had been following him to ask for pardon, were at last forgiven here at the intervention of the sangat.

Gurdwara Patshahi IX, in the eastern outskirts of the village, was constructed in 1953 by a nobleman of the area, Harchand Singh Jeji, who also made an endowment for its maintenance. The possession was handed over to the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee in 1971. Special divans take place on the first of every Bikrami month and on all major anniversaries on the Sikh calendar.

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