SATYUGA (SATJUG) In Satyuga the chariot is of contentment and charioteer of Dharma (Piety). (Var Asa, M. l, p. 470) In Satyuga everyone spoke Truth, in every home, there were enlightened persons absorbed in devotion. In Satyuga, the Dharma-bull stood on all its four feet, the enlightened person contemplates and knows it. (Ramkali M. 3, p. 880) In Satyuga everybody was absorbed in Truth and contentment. The Truth pervaded in its profundity.

The True Lord, in His True Command, judges the Truth….. In Satyuga, everyone spoke Truth, the True Lord, pervaded as Truth; there was truth in mind and mouth, the dispeller of fear and illusion; the enlightened person had friendship with Truth. (Maru M. l, p. 1023) In Satyuga or Krityayuga, there is cent percent Dharma. The Dharma-Bull is said to be four-legged. The fourfold virtues of truthfulness, devotion, kindness and charity are practised.

It is written in Mahabbarata that there were no divisions of gods and demons, there was no buying and no selling, no efforts were made by men, the fruit of the earth were obtained by mere wishes. There was no disease, no malice, no hatred, no cruelty, no affliction, no fear and no jealousy. The people of all the professions fulfilled their duty and everyone was devoted to the Lord. See : Yugas.

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