SANT SINGH (d. 1705), an Arora Sikh of Patti in present day Amritsar district of the Punjab, was one of the warriors in the retinue of Guru Gobind sirigh. He took part in the battles of Anandpur and Nirmohgarh as also in tlial of Chamkaur. At Chamkaur, Guru Gobind Singh, along with his forty Sikhs including his two elder sons, had been besieged by an imperial host far superior in numbers. According to Sainapati, Sri Gur Sobhaand Gurbilas Patshahl 10 by Kuir Singh and Gurbilas Dasvin Patshahl by Sukha Singh, Sant Singh was the last to sally out against the besiegers and die fighting before Guru Gobind Singh himself broke out of the cordon and escaped.

SANT SINGH (1906-1989), born in Amritsar in 1906, had an aristocratic upbringing. In his youth he was known to be a dandy. A horse drawn phaeton was his common mode of transport. After the death of his father, he took to the family business and set up as a serious minded government contractor. Added to this was the imprint of Bhai VIr Singh whom he revered as a saint of great sanctity. About this time (1944) he joined the Chief Khalsa Diwan and continued to be its honorary secretary for nearly half a century.

He kept himself aloof from all tangles and controversies. For this he enjoyed wide esteem and goodwill. He was vice-president of the Khalsa College managing committee and president of a number of local societies and foundations. He was a studious freemason and Rotarian. Horseriding “was his favourite hobby. At an advanced stage he started taking lessons in driving. Sant Singh died on 3 January 1989.

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